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fun in yyc

aka - why you're here

We have partnerships with the best nightclubs and bars in Calgary to give you the best night outs.

No line ups and no cover with Wicked


Relax with hundreds of Calgarians while they hang on the river and meander their way through a Sunday hangover.

Bring sunscreen and your lazy hat

Country Up

We are across the street from Calgary's Famous Stampede - the biggest event in Canada. Cowtown also has several country bars and Heritage Park a working historic town


Not only does Calgary have mountains next door we also have North America's premier winter Olympic  training facility.  So go boarding, skiing, bobsledding or if you're crazy -  luge.


Wicked is all about you, wanna just chill at the hostel? Or take a walk and explore? Or just watch a movie? All can be done right here.

SunNY Days

Guess what? Calgary is Canada's sunniest city.  We get sun almost everyday of the year. So we head to the patios for some beers or the river or to the beach.

Green out

YYC has the most green space per capital of any Canadian city - so you can enjoy beaches, animals and the outdoors right in the city

NHL Hockey

Guess what?  We are also located right across from the Saddledome. Home to the Calgary Flames.  And as such, we get tickets and take the hostel out for games.


Calgary is full of all kinds of good eateries. You name the cuisine we have it here. Plus we have a full kitchen so you can cook up anything you desire.


Like to get high? Well we can get you there with Calgary climbing centres .  Whether you are a beginner or expert you can climb with us


At Wicked we heart karaoke nights and do them on a regular basis with our karaoke bar partners.  Get your singing (or screaming) voice ready to go bananas


Ever shot a gun? How about an AR-15 carbide semi-automatic rifle and a sub-machine gun and a couple of handguns,  At Wicked we go to the shooting range and fire an assortment of weapons. 

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