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Wicked Hostels: A people company that also has beds

Hey guys and gals,

I hope you are enjoying the website, I made it myself :)  If you are reading this then you must be pretty interested in Wicked.   Well, I created Wicked because I'ma backpacker, I love travelling and hostels.  I have been in your shoes because I travelled/still travel.  I have always maintained the idea that here are two types of hostels. Big, sterile buildings where you feel like a number and don't meet anyone.  Then on the flip side you have those amazing places where you meet friends for life, have experiences you remember for your whole life, places you never want to leave because it feels like home.  We are constantly striving to make sure that is what Wicked Hostels is.  We have a seriously amazing staff like the best people ever, plus you, the seriously awesome guests.  So book with us and we will do our best to make sure your stay at Wicked is exceptional!


Jeff, Owner - Wicked Hostels

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