The most free amenities of any hostel in Canada


Free Breakfast (includes Nutella and Vegemite)

We're talking about pancakes, toasts, all kinds of jam, real honest to goodness Nutella (we don't use fake stuff), and we even import Vegemite for you Aussies.  

Yummy food!!

Free Super High Speed WIFI

We have a customed design Internet system to make sure you have the highest WIFI speed possible in Calgary.  

Blazing speed!!!

FRee Laundry Service

We do your laundry for you. You heard that right, we don't want you wasting your time, you should be exploring Calgary or having fun.  And of course, its entirely free.

Clean clothes!!!

Free Worldwide Calling

So maybe you need to call like Deutschland, or Česká Republika, or 中國, or 'Straya maybe? Well, at Wicked you can call 60 countries around the world for free.

Call your parents!!!

Free Tea, Coffee, and Hot Cocoa

Need a cuppa? We got you covered - all day, everyday. Drink a little, drink a lot - also super duper free

Hot drinks!!!

Free Parking

We have a whole big parking lot in front of the hostel for you, our guest. Totally free - first come, first served.

12 parking spots!!!

Free Entry to the Best Clubs in Calgary

We have partnerships with all of the best bars in Calgary, just by staying at Wicked you get to skip the line and skip paying cover!!

Cause line-ups suck!!

free hairdryer/straightener

Hey ladies, (and guys) we actually keep salon quality hair dryers and straighteners in the showers just for you.

Get fancy!

Free Towel Hire

Seriously, we give a you a towel to use when you check-into the hostel

Towel dry!!!

Free Printing/Scanning/Photocopying

Need to print a ticket,go ahead, need to scan your passport - do it.  

Tickets and Resumes!!!

FRee Luggage storage

Checking in early or leaving late - We've got you covered with free luggage storage for guests

store it!!

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